At Roberts Molloy, we provide a highly developed service to a range of clients including:

  • Developers
  • Landowners
  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Private Home Owners
  • Farmers looking to diversify
  • Powers of Attorney and Executors

Each project receives the same high level of personalised input and is tailored to suit each individual client.


Initial site visit, discussion of your requirements and ‘brief-taking’. Measured survey of the existing buildings. Sketch proposals, based upon the discussions, our interpretations of your requirements and ideas which will emerge.


‘Pre-application enquiry’ to the Local Planning Authority when it is felt this will be of benefit in the overall process of obtaining Permission. This stage will depend upon the nature of the proposal and the characteristics of the particular Authority.

Co-ordination of other Consultants and their Reports which may be required to support the Application: Structural Engineer, Wildlife and Tree Survey, Contaminated Land Assessment, Archaeology. We will obtain quotes for these professionals and assess with the Planners which reports will be required.

Preparation and submission of all documents for the Planning Application, Listed Building or Conservation Area Consent and full navigation through the process.

One of our most valuable skills is our ability to work with the Local Planning Authorities to produce a satisfactory Application.

The Planning authority is likely to impose Conditions on your approval, which we deal with so works on site can begin.


Once Planning Permission is in place, we submit the Building Regulations documents for Approval.

These specify the nuts and bolts of the scheme and will involve the structural engineer, heat loss consultant, possibly a heating engineer, etc.


We may be able to assist with Tender documents, subject to agreement and the nature of the project.

Consideration is now given to a ‘Designer’s Risk Assessment’ for Health and Safety, ensuring your ‘duties’ under the legislation are explained.